Montessory Style babysitting

Montessory Style babysitting Provided by Montessori Teacher Sis. Jahada

5/day per child. Includes activities and snacks

First Pre-School/Montessori Building (1st red brick house)


Saturday and Sunday

Available at 1:30 Registration – Conversation/Read a Book

2:00  Circle Time (Procedures and Today’s Schedule of Activities with Children)

Pray Dhur or Sit Quietly while others pray

2:45  (Science Lesson –Reminders of Allah:  The Blessing of the Day – Later outside we will look for the blessings of Allah, trees, the grass, the wind, the sun, flowers, etc.)

3:15 Outside Scheduled Gym (Jump roping, Soccer, Chalk, Cup Stacking, Balance Beam, etc.)

4:00 Inside, wash hands, Snack

4:30 Art (Leaf Rubbing, Leaf Drawing, Flower Pressing, Tree Drawing, Morning Sky Drawing)

5:30 Pray Asr or Sit Quietly  while others pray

Outside Free Play til Parent Pick up for Dinner

Opens back up at  8:00pm  – Conversation/Read a Book

8:20  Circle Time – Quick reminders of the evenings schedule

Pray Maghrib or Sit Quietly while others pray

8:45 Play and Movement

9:15 Free Choice  Art Painting Stations – Play dough – Chalk Drawing – Legos – Water Fun

9:45  Pray ‘Isha or Sit Quietly while others pray

10:00  Quiet Time (Science Lesson –Reminders of Allah:  The Blessing of the Night/Water)

Children will discuss the blessings of the night provided to us by Allah (ta’Ala), i.e. benefits of rest and sleep.

Parent Pick up Quietly- Please do not send older siblings to pick up, parents must pick up their children.

Babysitting Not Provided on Thursday, Friday afternoon or for Fajr lectures. 

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